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>> this is a fox news alert. the manhunt for a fired cop accused in three murders is focusing and a california mountain top. they say they found the burned out truck and searching door-to-door and many empty vacation homes where he can hide. stay with fox news for the latest on the breaking >> i'm greg gutfeld and others. it's 5:00 o'clock. this is "the five". we'll get to the confirmation hearings for c.i.a. director john brennan in a moment. first, you know who is an
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twitter? not on twitter, daniel faulkner. who is that? nobody special, just the cop that the man shot dead in 1981. so thanks to the skewed priorities of our cool, cool culture, a thug is a cause celeb, a victim forgotten. google daniel faulkner u you get 193,000 hits. google muna, you get photos. he's delightful in dregs. he writes poetry. sure would take an hour to find out how guilty he is, but why when you have others weeping on his behalf. now we have the new documentary out everywhere which is about as balanced as an italian cruise liner, a vile valentine to a thug whose mass murder is martyrdom. it's out now who hope that the dangerous cool of a murderer rubs off on their lives. he is global warm not guilty a prison jump suit, cocktail
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conversation for cowards. they crusade for gun control as they defend a cop killer. screw them. i beg you, stop following celebs who are on crusades that elevate thugs. for they mock a cop's life to be cool. the book by the victim's wife, she could use the money. the next time you see someone in a shirt proclaiming free muna, slap the book across their forehead. it will be the closest they get to real knowledge ever. anyway, interestingly enough, while i was writing that, there is another cop killer on the loose, christopher dorner, running around l.a people are on twitter supporting him. what is it with people who romance evil at the expense of good? >> i have no idea. i have no idea while these people would make a cop killer into a hero. one of the most egregious thinks that they did with mumia was, do you remember when npr offered him a talk show from prison?
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>> yeah. >> i mean, like we really want to hear what he has to say elevating him to that position. it never really happened, but it's mind boggling that they pick the killer over the hero to glorify in something like this. they've been doing it for years. >> yeah. >> it seems like it will never go away. >> he was a commencement speaker for two different american colleges. two more than you. >> so inspiring. >> yes. >> i really -- i've never really understood the celebrity piece of following people because they are good at acting or because -- whatever they have done and getting this huge following, it's totally foreign to me. i'm sure it is to you. who listens to you? >> yeah that, is true. >> but i like that she wrote the book, the victim's wife wrote the book that she had a chance to say something and that we're giving a people chance for an alternative because i would bet you that 99% of his followers probably have no idea what he
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did. >> but this is the issue, if you go on-line, you'll get a million and a half hits about mumia. you won't see much about the cop. nobody actually -- >> he's a victim. >> yeah, yeah. nobody goes -- now he's got the documentary. there is no documentary about the police officer. >> there probable hi was over the last 15, 20 years, nobody remembers that. they remember ed asner and others saying free mumia. gladly he has not been freed and won't be. interestingly, though, i didn't hear this yet, but this christopher dorner that killed a cop and shot two other people in l.a.'s the big manhunt going on, there are people supporting him? >> yeah. >> like what? the anarchist? because he said he was against the government. he's against the l.a. -- >> you know what he's not against? piers morgan. >> what's the connection? >> i have no idea. >> he was a former l.a. police officer, right?
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>> right. >> and a former military guy. the guy in california. i have to do a little truth of lending here. back in the '80s when i was completely out of it, i think i may have signed a petition for mumia. >> you thought mumia was a pill. >> that's right [ laughter ] >> are you saying you're just a little bit out of it now? >> i'm a lot more in it than i was then. then i could barely -- anyway. the point is that it was a big cause celeb. this has been going on for almost 30 years. he's a prolific writer. he does these newscasts or radio broadcasts and i think the evidence -- i did see one thing about somebody confessed to the killing and greg shut that down before we started by saying the guy is dead. so i guess i got nothing to hang my hat on. >> his brother said that there was a confession of a killer, but the person who confessed was already dead.
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and for some reason, the brother waited 20 years to give the confession. so there is no way you could follow up on it. the coincidence that mumia would be there while the police officer is fighting with his brother and shoot -- like how did that happen, that they ended up at the same place at the same time, just by pure coincidence in philadelphia? makes no sense to me whatsoever. he's guilty. >> there was a radio show with this guy? >> yeah. he did it out of jail. >> he's on twitter. >> yeah. itch think he has more followers than we all do. >> what is the crime for murdering a cop? i mean the penalty? >> he got the death sentence. it was reversed by the -- because the jury selection was not done right or something. but they didn't excuse the crime. they gave him life in prison. >> i wonder if he has more listeners than me on the radio. that would be unfortunate. >> he has a street named after him in paris. >> oh, figures. the french.
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>> mitterrand visited him in jail. >> he did? >> yes. >> you're kidding. when he was prime minister? >> it might have been afterwards. people like that because it makes america look bad and makes us look like we're the abusers, if you visit a, quote, political prisoner. >> why do you think it is that these celebrities come here, like 30 years after the fact and hold press conferences in washington? i don't get it. >> that plays right into our next topic. >> yes. i guess you're pushing this along. press conference on guns yesterday, i believe we have -- >> i'm sorry. >> the most interesting commentary was from chris rock. do we have the quote? >> i am just here to support the president of the united states. the president of the united states is, you know, our boss. but he's also, you know, the president and the first lady are a kind of like the mom and the dad of the country.
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when your dad says something, you listen. when you don't, it usually bites you in the (bleep) later on. >> i think he said nose. dana, if chris rock is correct and the president is our boss and our father, by that logic, bush was also our boss and our father. >> and clinton. >> was your boss and father. >> how weird. >> possibly. more like he had you dress up like a boss. >> if hillary clinton is president? >> she's our mommy. >> she's your mama, eric. >> get me in trouble. >> do you think he would agree that bush was your father? of course not. he just likes obama. >> then he would have had a -- maybe there was like a big he had pus complex going on because he would have hated his father or something like that or his mother or whatever it is. why do they come to washington? people do listen to them. like when we started with mumia,
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people do want to hear what people that they've watched on television or in movies or that they respect -- the funny thing for me is whenever i hear chris rock, i'm waiting for the punch line. >> that might have been the punch line. >> that's a strange view of the american government. >> trying to get a lower voice. i guess maybe -- i'm all for people testifying in favor of gun control. but i still don't know if -- does anybody got any quantity of information if this converts into anything, like -- >> earned media? he'll be in all the entertainment magazines, the same one that president obama went to during his campaign. >> their fans over into this effort of gun control. >> well, on gun control, i don't know. but certainly for president obama, remember one of the things we talked about was how much he did all of the popular media rather than talking to the white house press corps or whoever ever else happened to be there. of course, "60 minutes," but did
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he all of those things. why is he going on "the view" and the daley view and not talking to the reporters? look, it worked for him. i think that for their constituency, in order to keep the momentum that they think they have going on gun control, somebody like chris rock talk being us keeps it going for another few days. >> well, tony bennett also had something to say at the -- do we have that as well? >> it's a kind of thing that happens to the great country of germany, when nazis came over and created tragic things and they had to be told off. and if we continue this kind of violence and accept it in our country, the rest of the world is going to really take care of us in a very bad way. >> eric, do you follow that, that if we don't have gun control -- >> i was staring at his hair. i couldn't pay attention. >> it was way too high.
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>> why did they do this? in elections i see why they do it because if you like a presidential candidate, you vote for him if chris rock likes him. here is the difference here with the gun control discussion. this has to come up would to a vote. this -- we've been saying it here that the senate democrats can't bring this to the floor. they can't vote on this 'cause the ones that have been supported by the nra, the ones who have been elected because of their stance on second amendment can't raise their hand and say i'm for more gun control. they can't do it. >> i think they're going to bring out the whole bill and those democrats will vote for an amendment to kill the ban on assault weapons and go for the psychological tested background checks. i think they want to get on record as saying i'm opposed -- >> but they're walking it back 'cause cuomo's numbers here in new york dipped 15 points. that's why obama released a picture of him shooting skeet. i want to comment, though. that wasn't the most egregious
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thing that tony bennett said. he said we should be more like canada because they react better. they don't go around shooting people when they see our movies and he says if you dewpoint agree with me, you're ignorant. so thanks, tony, for being so tolerant. i want to comment on what chris rock said obama is not our daddy. he was elected by us to serve the people. i think that's where not just these celebrities have it backwards, but i think the administration has it backward. you have ask any of these celebrity what is if the president or daddy, would have put 32 executive orders on the first amendment? there would be mayhem if did he it for maybe an amendment that they throw their arms around, like they were doing at that press conference. >> good point. end on a bad point. ahead, president obama's hypocrisy on drone strikes. some liberals aren't happy with him keeping secrets from the american people. that's next on "the five"
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>> we're going to take a look at -- peek at the senate confirmation hearing. john brennan, the c.i.a. director nominee, president obama's c.i.a. director nominee, senators grilling him on questions ranging from drones to waterboarding to authorized leaks and on and on. so it's ongoing and i think bret baier will summarize the whole hearing at 6:00 o'clock. so stay right here. in the meantime, the u.s. drone program has come under intense scrutiny this week. on monday, nbc published a confidential justice department memo outlining the expansesive justification with which the u.s. drones authorizes the drone strike. earlier this weekers jay carney defended the president. >> we have acknowledged, the united states, that sometimes we use remotely piloted aircraft to conduct targeted strikes against specific al-qaeda terrorists in order to prevent attacks on the united states and to save american lives. we conduct those strikes because they are necessary to mitigate
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ongoing actual threats, stop plots, prevent future attacks and again, save american lives. the strikes are legal, they are ethical and they are wise. >> just hours ago during testimony at senate confirmation hearing that we were just looking at, c.i.a. director nominee john brennan defended the policy. listen. >> the president has insisted that any actions we take will be legally grounded, will be thoroughly anchored in intelligence, will have the appropriate review process, approval process before any action is contemplated, including those actions that might involve the use of lethal force. >> in fact, 84% of americans are in favor of the use of drones in our war on terror. but the question is, is president obama a political hypocrite by saying waterboarding terrorists was wrong burks killers and extensive drone use are his prerogative? robert. >> let me say this, when i listen to what both carney said
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and what brennan said, it is different from what the nbc memo said. they both said you have to have actionable intelligence to know if there is going something focused against the united states. in that memo, it said that you did not have to have specific intelligence in order to launch a drone on american citizens who were associated with terrorist activity. that's two entirely different statements. for me, i still think you have to hold brennan -- if that's their position that you need to have actual intelligence, fine. i'm for it. that's not what that memo said. >> so you're saying president obama is using drones illegally? >> i'm saying if he uses it against american citizens without specific intelligence, yes. >> the take home message here is enhanced interrogation is wrong, killing suspects is okay. it's basically like saying shoplifting is bad, but killing the shoplifter okay. this is why i want to be a liberal, because you can act
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like a conservative when a republican kills, it's evil. but when a democrat kills, oh, look a pretty butterfly. >> earlier this week, the left, looneys were after me saying oh, now, this is the one who defended the torture and the waterboarding of three terrorists and now she's defending drone policy! they don't even understand their own hypocrisy. >> can i point out some of their hypocrisy? roll that clip of eric holder in 2009. >> i agree with you, mr. chairman, waterboarding is torture. >> do you believe that the president of the united states has the authority to exercise a commander in chief override and immunize acts of torture? >> it's my belief that the president does not have the power that you've indicated. >> but they have it now. so they'll have to defend it. if i could give some advice, remember when obama and former vice president cheney had that
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speech volley back and forth about water boarding in 2009? it would be hard and a little bit difficult to admit that you were wrong then. but i think that they could save themselves a lot of communication angst by just saying to the reporters, look, we understand why you're calling us out for hypocrisy. you're right. president obama thought that torture was wrong. he have still does. it might look hypocritical four the president is committed to saving the american people and that's what we're going to do. and just take the sting out of it and admit that they look like hypocrites. then it would probably go away because most people support the policy. >> go ahead. >> i can see where people are upset about this. i also -- they're saying, and i heard this earlier today, they're saying, who cares if it's an american abroad? if they join forces with the terrorists to kill us, it shouldn't matter. but this is not as -- i agree with bob, this is not what they're saying. it's much more expansive than that. the code pink protesters who i give them credit for not holding the president to a double
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standard this time of the they stood up and said, wait a minute u killed and it wasn't al-awlaki alone. it was his son who was 16 years old, even the "new york times" this week did a piece on a cleric that was against al-qaeda, that was arguing with al-qaeda under a tree, fighting them, and a drone came in and blew him up as well. so this policy is so expansive, that's what they have to be clearer on because this is a huge power grab that is not legal or constitutional. >> you can be against water boarding and in favor of drones, but not in favor of drones indiscriminately used against american citizens without intelligence. >> correct. >> what if you have the drone through the water boarding? >> you can be against water boarding, but in favor killing the same human being? don't water board them, but it's okay to kill them? one case you had somebody -- >> khalid sheikh mohammed, we shouldn't have water board him. had we used a drone, that would be okay?
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>> that's what got the intelligence out of him? i don't think it did. >> the secretary of defense said differently earlier this week. >> you're missing the point. this is a humanitarian effort. water board something to evil, you experience them from -- prehave not them from experiencing it by blowing them to piece. they would rather be dead. >> based on who their dad is. i pulled up the transport of robert gibbs being asked about the killing of al-awlaki's son and he said something about, well, basically to the chosen a better dad or it was because of who his dad was. that's the issue that you shake your head and you go, can he just do this with anybody depending on who their family is? that's what's so scary. >> coming up, can marco rubio save the american party? can can anyone save it? (speaking spanish)
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♪ >> president obama, he's going to deliver his state of the union address on tuesday and marco rubio, senator from florida, has been tapped to deliver the republican response. he is featured on the cover of time magazine this week as the new voice of the gop. they call him, time magazine does, the republican savior. that's a title that the senator does not seem entirely comfortable with. but bob, do you think -- we were talking on the break, if you were his staff, you would be happy? >> i read the article, filled be very happy with it. particularly about his mother calling him about immigrants and to take it easy on these people. i think he explained his policy pretty well. the question is, does he run the
11:30 pm
fine line of alienating the tea party people because he's been so consistent on other things the tea party cares about, deficit and other things. i don't think he does. i think they give him a pass on this because he is hispanic and he would go along and be in strong shape for 2016. >> the man who wrote the article said marco rubio has been able to walk the line or bridge the gap between traditional republicans or establishment and the tea party and then he's been able to do that because i like the line, he said that he speaks conservative as a first language. >> that's absolutely true. i do slightly disagree with what bob said, that's the reason why they're going to give him a pass is because he's hispanic. i don't think so. i think to your point, it's because he's incredibly persuasive and able to finally bring people together. if you listen to him go around and do those talk radio interviews with some of his most ardent critics last week, i mean, not just talk radio, but people on the very far right, they have come his way.
11:31 pm
he's very persuasive. i thing i love is he's not persuasive about the dumb stuff. he doesn't comment on dumb stuff. these hearings have elevated him. you hear him grilling hill spree brennan. >> you don't think being -- >> bob,'s rock star regardless of his ethnicity. >> eric, let me ask you about the choice to give the republican response. it's always -- let me tell you, that's not aonian signment -- assignment that you want. the minority party never wants to have to give that response. remember the bobby jindal speech? well crafted speech, not that great a delivery. paul ryan speech, well crafted, but it's always difficult. this could be different. >> so he's going to deliver the response and i believe it's going to be in both english and spanish. >> yes. >> mistake? >> no, go ahead. >> i think it's great idea. clearly the republican party has to embrace hispanics. they have to embrace women. marco rubio is front and center,
11:32 pm
ted cruz also, another senator from texas who is also able to do that. right now marco rubio has the ball. this is great exposure for him. if he delivers that response in a way that the prior -- >> i found out today is that the republicans have always had somebody, a member of congress, standing member of congress, fluent spanish speaker do a take in spanish. it's marco rubio will be the senator and the rising star gop is going to do both in english and spanish. you don't like it? >> huge mistake. the response needs to be in the universal language, essentially a verbal global hug. that involves everybody. if i were doing it, i would speak in ubbydubby. anybody who is a fan of zoom would know what i'm talking about. >> can you give us an example? >> no, i can't. >> what's that? >> esperanto? what's that? >> one of the reasons that these guys failed following obama is they're not near will he as good a speaker as he was. >> when you're the president and
11:33 pm
you come into the chamber and everybody stands and claps and you have the big thing and it's a whole day long event, it's really hard then you're sitting by yourself in a room with a podium and you have to give a speech with no ambience, no energy. there is no crowd crowd. >> rubio -- i've seen him give speeches to small crowds. >> let's hope his back drop is better than bobby jindal. like the faux library. >> i think they got that out. >> that comment about his first language is conservatism. it's also humility. he tweeted out about that comment and said there is only one savior, hash tag, jesus. meaning, i'm not a savior in any way. it's not a humility we don't see from a president. >> i would not call this -- >> oh, really? has observe -- obama said he's not the savior when newsweek said he is the savior? >> it's very humble. >> this is exactly the mirror
11:34 pm
experience of obama in 2004. you had a party that was in a desperate situation. they needed somebody and it was a young person who was a minority, who, in bob's words, probably helped him because he was african-american. what we're seeing now is the mirror image for the republicans. the republicans are in desperate position. a young, smart guy. articulate even. >> how dare you! >> that's racist! >> with hillary clinton around 80%, not approval rate, but likeability rating, it's going to take more than marco rubio to win in 2016. he needs a very good -- >> did you think a community organizer was going to beat a war hero? >> we got to go. >> okay. >> obama has spoken for a national convention, which is talk about energy being fed in, that's the difference here. >> the rnc, rubio spoke. that was considered the best speech of the week.
11:35 pm
and condy rice. i got to meet senator ruby crowe a couple years ago and i came home, my husband said, how was the meeting? and i said, i have to sit down because i think i just met the possible future president of the united states. >> i was there. >> you wish you were there. all right. directly ahead, new developments in the scandal involving democratic senator robert menendez. this time involving a political contributor who flew him down to the dominican republic. details next and "the
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five". ♪ >> welcome back to the five.
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senator bob menendez is at the center of a prostitution scandal and now there are allegations that he may have inappropriately used his power to help his friend, dr. solomon melgen. the same doctor whose private jet he used for trips to the dominican republic. today the new jersey law maker acknowledged that his office did contact the government on behalf of melgen, but denies any impropriety. greg, also senator menendez paid back $58,000 in donations for trips that he did take. so let me just get this straight, a u.s. senator making calls on behalf of his biggest donor, it sounds a little fishy? n it's a little strange and the investigation is moving to new jersey. this whole prostitution thing, what did he do wrong? this is a man who was so obsessed with human trafficking that he went undercover to have sex with young women to see how
11:42 pm
bad it was for those women to have sex with men like him. he's an american hero. >> i never thought of that. he's a real -- a man who is dedicated to working hard. >> yes. >> let me clarify one thing you said. i don't know of a single united states senator, house member who has not made calls to the government on behalf of their contributors, not one. >> bob be, tho is cronyism. we wouldn't even know about it if it wasn't fort prostitution scandal. >> look, you go through any of the filings of contributors and then you imagine what those house members or senate members offices contact people for and you're going to find -- n $8.9 million? >> absolutely. a lot more than that. >> okay. >> take look at the bridge to nowhere by ted stevens. >> you're smiling and nodding. there is also the health care issue. so now if the government is taking control of more health care, doesn't this mean when you get sick, don't call a doctor, just a good lobbyist. >> it was overbilling doctors this.
11:43 pm
this is the medicare, medicaid abuse, remember, they were going to fight it out? the remember i'm smiling and nodding at bob is because this is exactly what members of congress do? you think they're not expressing outrage? after, if you looked into my background, i've done that, too. now, the underage prostitute things really bothers me. and i think -- >> shocking. which is also what a lot of senators do. >> but on this thing, i don't necessarily think that it's right for him to have called on behalf of his pay to play thing. anyway is what politics is about. >> this was trips to the dominican republic that he arranged with underage prostitutes. it's a little different -- wait a minute. hey, could you call up and help me bet get a loan at the bank? >> there is no factual evidence -- >> bob? >> this would probably be a good time to say, well, maybe i shouldn't have been such a staunch defend of senator menendez. >> i'm defending him for making
11:44 pm
calls on medicare and medicaid billing. that's what constituents do. on trips to the dominican republic, we have yet to have any evidence that this guy engaged in prostitution -- >> other than two underage prostitutes who said yeah, i was part of a group having sex with him. >> i think -- yeah. >> look, when there is so much smoke, eventually you're going to find the fire. this clearly, in my opinion, so there is a lot of smoke. a little story i'll relate to you. by no means indicts the senator. i was in dunkin' donuts yesterday morning. a cop pulls me aside. trooper pulse me aside. love what you're doing on "the five." that menendez thing, stay on it. i'm like what do you got? he said just stay on it. again, where there is a lot of smoke, there is fire. i'm not accusing. i'm just saying we should -- >> smoke, we can barely breathe. even the "washington post" has jumped on this story. they did a profile about a town in the dominican republic. >> i've been there many times.
11:45 pm
>> okay. they actually explain how the whole prostitution thing works and as the daily caller knows, it matches up exactly with what the underage girls say menendez was doing. >> it's a wonderful resort and has a great golf course and a lot of good things happen there. >> uh-huh. >> there is a dominican republic authority who said that there were arranged fueled alcohol sex parties. >> they do that! >> we want that to be a u.s. senator? >> would you take that as evidence to get rid of a guy who has been in public servant? >> i would still continue to find out what happened. >> what about vitter? , got caught and he's stale senator from louisiana. >> were they 15, 16? >> he copped to it very quick. >> he did. and there wasn't campaign donations and it wasn't underage girls. this was pedophilia. as much as we want to joke about it, it's disgusting. still to come, a hatchet wielding hitchhike tort rescue.
11:46 pm
>> these two women are trying to help him. he runs up and grabs one of them, man. like a guy like that can snap a woman's neck like a pencil stick. he ran up with a hatchet, smash, smash, smash! >> i'm sure you're wondering how that homeless man saved the day after he got a lift from a driver from hell. we'll tell you that next on "the five"
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♪ >> all right. let me set the scene up. there was a hitchhiker in fresno, california, kyle. homeless guy. he had a hatchet in his backpack. he gets picked up bay 300-pound driver who claimed he was jesus. and he decided he was going to run down an african-american because he didn't like him. so two women came over to help this poor guy who was knocked over and the 300-pound guy gets out and starts to assault this one woman and kyle takes a hatchet out of his backpack and let's let him tell you the story from there.
11:51 pm
>> he's like, i come to realize, i'm jesus christ. i can do anything i want to. and watch this. bam. and he smashed into this guy right there, pinned him in between the (bleep) truck. and the two women are trying to help him and he grabs them. a guy that size can snap a woman's neck like a pencil stick. good thing i was hitchhike. yeah. people say, don't hitchhike. well, is this what happens, yeah, well, at least i was here. >> exactly right. you were there. congratulations, man. you've gone viral on the internet. >> i think he was already viral. >> i think ky was -- he was maybe not in a natural state when he said those things. but i think that was great, bam, bam, bam. >> i got to tell you, i'm thankful that he saved the day, but i certainly wouldn't want to be picking ky up with a hatchet in his backpack as a driver. greg, did you know that you were on camera when you left to go to
11:52 pm
the bathroom? >> no, i did not at all. thank you for pointing that out. but sometimes i have a little too much coffee before the show starts. >> i think we should be able to do that. >> there are commercials with a product for that. >> could we get back to this. >> i thought you had a enough and you were leaving. >> you think he should be a hero? >> i think when the most popular baby names of 2013 comes out next year, ky, will top the list. because who wouldn't want their son to -- i kind of like him. i might hire him at disney. like disney world should hire him and he could be an entertain er. the whole hitchhike thin bothers me. he had to chop down a tree to make a fire. >> hook up with the girl in the jump suit from yesterday and they should be the i love lucy of the 20 20s -- where are we now? the girl in the jump suit, penelope soto and him. >> i admire ky. i like him. i don't like the girl that flipped off the judge.
11:53 pm
you know what? someone should hire ky. you know? he wields a hatchet. >> i don't know about that. >> with the greatest of ease. >> i didn't know that there was still hitchhiking. >> oh, they still do, dana. >> greg, you may be the only one who understood completely what he said to say. could you translate what he had to say? >> i think what he said was he's going to take over kathy griffin's job on the new year's eve special next year. >> oh, no. >> bam, bam, bam. okay. ky, congratulations, you ought to receive the president's medal of freedom. >> of honor? >> i'd like to see him in the president's box. whoa, that would be an interesting night. one more thing. coming up next.
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>> time for one more thing. d.a.n.a. you wrote a song about your dog, or was it my dog? start singing it. >> i'm going to save this for another one more day. >> no, no, we are not moving forward in this show until you sing the song. >> you're holding me hostage? >> i am holding the show hostage. >> no. >> come on. come on. >> i'm going to do my thing. it's john and ann betar, 80
11:58 pm
years married today. that's the longest running marriage. he's 101. she's 97. some people think of a commitment for 80 days, let alone 80 years. listen to their secret. >> we just take things as they come and we're contented and we have lovely family that support us. beautiful. >> we've had our good times and our bad times. but we've always been together. >> great story. they eloped. she was supposed to be in an arranged marriage. they eloped. they have 14 grandchildren, 16 great grandchildren. and did you know that the traditional gift of 80 years married is diamonds, pearls, a memory jar or family tree. she deserves something. >> i like the options. >> or a tv talk show host singing about her dog. that would be nice. >> one of these days. >> yes. bob? >> i didn't get past the wood chip state. [ laughter ]
11:59 pm
okay. listen, this is the perils of a local news reporter. here in sarasota, florida, a reporter, local reporter is going out to interview at a county fair, i think it was, and she was in the goat pen. take a look what happens to her. >> two, one. the judging is complete, so come on out and meet the winners. the goats will be here through saturday and they're very friendly. linda carson, abc 7. which you not eat my pants? (scream) [ laughter ] >> there you go. we got a lot easier on "the five" next. >> at least she laughed about it. >> she was great. >> we've been covering these crazy stories about young kids going to school and making the hand symbol noose a gun and getting suspended. one little boy, alex, 7 years old, he tried to make a fake grenade and found himself suspended. but listen to his excuse for what he was trying to

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